Hey friends -- I'm Bilal. I'm a youtuber, website developer, soon-to-be-Author.

On this site, we explore content about website development tools, and topics, that help us to learn and earn.
The best way to get started on a path to sharing your work is to think about what you want to learn and make a commitment to learn in front of others.
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Getting started Project with Html And CSS For Beginners!

The plan is to create a get-started project with HTML and CSS. With implementing the knowledge of Hypertext...

How to learn website development and languages in 2023.

How to learn website language and what are languages to learn for website development in 2023.
website development roadmap

Step by step to become a website developer!

The website developer is the person who works for the shop owners who are willing to do their business...
cascading stylesheet image


CSS is the most common stylesheet we use to style our web pages. CSS has more than 50 properties to style...
html tags

Hypertext markup Tags part 2!

Cover the remaining tags in HTML. I am trying to break the tags concepts in some blogs to overcome the...
html tags

Hypertext markup langauge tags!

I discuss what tags are in HTML and why we use them. I also cover some of initial tags in HTML like heading...

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